Snoring has probably plagued you for countless years. With that in mind, do not view Snore Stopper as a miracle drug that will end all snores the first night! Snore Stopper is designed to naturally coach your body to gradually decrease your snoring.
We therefore ask that you use the Snore Stopper on a daily basis according to instructions. As your body adjusts, you will begin to see significant results after 1-2 weeks. You will soon wake to each day feeling energized and refreshed!
For any questions or concerns,

please call our toll free number at (877) HIVOX-88.

The Snore Stopper comes with a battery already inside. Just remember to remove the white insulation strip.
1. Wipe the black conductive rubber pads with the included alcohol-moistened cloth, to remove dust or dirt.
* Ensure rubber pads are completely dry before applying electrode pads.
2. Remove the electrode pads from its packing.
Peel off the printed sides.
3. Line the electrode pads up with the black rubber pads of the Snore Stopper and stick on. 4. Press down on the pads in a circular motion to ensure proper adhesion. Wait a couple minutes. 5. Slowly peel back the plastic film. Don’t throw it away; you’ll be sticking it back on the pads between uses, for protection.
1. Place the Snore Stopper on your wrist like a watch, with the top 1 inch below the wrist. 2. Attach the belt hook onto the main device. Make sure it “clicks” into place. 3. Tighten the wristband as needed. Not so tight as to restrict circulation, but just so the Snore Stopper stays in place.
4. This is what it should look like when worn correctly. The Snore Stopper can be worn on either arm.


5. Turn the Snore Stopper on by turning the black dial to the right, to level 1. The LED light should flash green. A red light means that the electrode pads don’t have proper contact with your skin, and you should reposition the Snore Stopper and/or wrist belt.
* If you notice the LED light flashing red really quickly, it’s time to change the battery!
6. Press the “Test” button three times. Snore Stopper will release a weak 5-second impulse, and you can adjust the intensity (1-7) to a comfortable level.
*Ensure background noise is less than 55dB.
*Note: Everyone has different skin sensitivity, so you may not feel the impulse at first. Adjust to a higher intensity, press the “Test” button 3 times again, and readjust.
The Snore Stopper will power-off automatically after 8 hrs; otherwise you can turn the power off manually when you wake up. Place the plastic sheet back onto the electrode pads between uses, to prevent them from drying out or getting dirty. If taken care of, the pads should last about a month.   Unscrew the battery cover with the included screwdriver.
Place battery in and screw the cover back on.

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