Testimonials from Snore Stopper users worldwide

Testimonial 1

Mr. Uli Wessbecher
Age: 45
Profession: Marketing and Sales
the agent.
Marketing and Consulting mbH
Schilerstrasse 19
74888 Sinsheim
"Not long ago a friend of my introducedSnore Stopperto me. I was very skeptical at first for the theory behind it doesn't seem so high tech. Yet after using for 4 weeks I have to say I'm really impressed. My snoring condition has much more improved and my breathing is smoother now during sleep!"

Testimonial 2

Mr. Edward Ruei
Age: 38
Profession: Civil engineer
36 Amoret Dr.
Irvine CA 92602
"I don't believe it! It works!. After usingSnore Stopperfor only 2 weeks, I haven't snored as loud as before now as my wife told me she sleeps very well. Honestly when she first bought meSnore StopperI didn't believe it would work at all. But while using it I can feel the electrical pulse and then it has proved me that it actually reduces my snoring. I don't fully understand the technology behind it but now my wife and I both sleep better."

Testimonial 3

Mr. Ho
Age: 71
Profession: Retired
3F. No. 29, Lane 22
Kuan-fu N. Rd. Taipei,
"My snoring was always serious till I've starting usingSnore Stopper. After about a month I found that the frequency of my snoring has decreased and the volumn intensity is lower than before. Furthermore, my blood pressure and blood liquids have also decreased due to the improvement of my sleep quality. Now I wear it everynight in order to keep my sleep quality and better health condition.
Testimonial 4

Mr. Ron Spada
I purchased your "Snore Stopper" two weeks ago and it works great. The first night that I wore it my wife though that I died because she did not hear me snore.

7264 DODGE ST.
USA 48174



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