With the Mirage Ionic Mask, caring your skin has never been so convenient and effective. The gold-like material of the Mirage Ionic Mask allows the electrons to effectively and efficiently spread all across the mask surface, separating the positive ion and negative ions of skin, which can shorten the application time and the enhance the effects of traditional masks. From now on, you will never get disrupted again out of doing skin care.

What is Ionic Permeation?
Ionic permeation refers to the saturation of ions through the micro electric current of ionic educing and transfusing. Ionic educing can remove the dead skin cells and sebum deposit deep inside the skin, while ionic transfusing can transfer the nutrition of skincare products faster and more deeply into skin.

The Principle of the Ionic Mask
The Ionic Mask is based upon the ion exchange principle that “same poles repulse” and “opposite poles attract”; therefore, it can separate the positive and negative ions of skin, which can facilitate skin purifying and nutrition absorbing. In a nutshell, the efficiency of purification and absorption for using the traditional mask with the Ionic Mask is better than that for using the traditional mask only.




Power Lithium Battery
CR-2032 DC 3V
Output Voltage 3 V
Output Current Max.3 mA +/- 20 (based upon loading of 1000O Ohm)
Output Time In 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 minutes and shut down automatically
Output Function Anode, cathode & anode with cathode alternate
Operating Environment 10°C - 40°C, 30% - 85%RH
Storage Environment -10°C - 50°C, 10% - 95%RH
Transport Environment -10°C - 50°C, 10% - 85%RH
Size 45 x 63 x 13 mm
Weight 24 g (includes battery)



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