i-scan TS-510 Digital Ear Thermometer is an
state-of-the-art ear thermomenter that is accurate, con-venient, hassle free, lightweight, compact, and great looking.

i-scan TS-510 Digital Ear Thermometer takes the body temperature in only 1 second. Its unique design of waterproof probe gives it a higher performance level and more convenience compared to other ear thermometers in the market. Moreover, i-scan TS-510 is super easy and hassle free to clean. After using, simply clean the probe with a cotton cloth moistened with alcohol between measurements.

Functions and Advantages of i-scan TS-510 :

  • One shot measurement in 1 second
  • Unique waterproof probe design, no probe cover is required
  • Accurate & reliable measurement due to advanced sensor technology
  • One-button easy operation
  • Fever alarm
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Auto-display memory
  • Automatic power-off
  • Celsius - Fahrenheit switchable
  • Compact & light-weight


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