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Push the SCAN button to turn on the i-scan. It will display the last recorded temperature.

Push the SCAN button again and hold it down, while inserting the probe gently into the ear.

Once inside the ear, release the button. The i-scan will beep and show your temperature in just one second.


A smiley face will appear if your temperature is below 100.4°F/38°C.

A sad face appears if your temperature is above 100.4°F/38°C, along with two short and one long beep.

After use, clean the probe by wiping with an alcohol-moistened cloth. The i-scan will automatically shut off after 1 minute of idle time.
Remove the screw and open the battery cover. 1. Press and hold down the SCAN button.
2. While the SCAN button is held down, use the end of a paper clip or needle and press the °C/°F button once.
3. The i-scan will display “Off” and switch units (°C/°F) after 2 seconds.

Release the SCAN button, and screw the battery cover back on.

III. CHANGING THE BATTERY (when ‘low battery’ symbol appears):
Unscrew the screw from the colored battery cover.

Open battery cover and replace the battery. (CR-2032 Lithium)
Snap the battery cover back on and fasten the screw.




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