Company Profile

HIVOX BIOTEK INC. was established in 2000 as an inventor and manufacturer of biomedical electronic devices.
Based in Taiwan, we produce and market patent medical and healthcare products to improve consumers' quality of living. At HIVOX, 'Innovation' is the key principle of our business operation and the propelling force for our rapid growth. HIVOX's products originated from the concept of 'Bioinformatics", that is, by incorporating life sciences with electronic technology, all our products can detect and analyze many biological properties, enabling users to perform self-testing and self-treatment at home. Our latest products are Snore Stopper and Dreamate.


HIVOX is committed to improve the quality of living by bringing innovation to every household. With this concept in mind, we're constantly developing products that will be better for your health. Our products all come with the highest quality certificates. Moreover, we offer prompt delivery, competitive pricing, and the worldwide after-sales service network.

Research & Development Workforce

Founded to be R&D and Customer-Oriented, our Research and Development workforce is divided into 4 teams with different specialties: Biochemical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering.

With state-of-the-art technology, we expressed the biomedical characteristics of a human body into measurable electronic signals. In order to integrate continuing innovation into our products, we work with respectable research institutes of biomedicine and microelectronics on a project basis.


Our quality system had acquired the certificates of ISO 13485. All our products are certified by CE 2460, and are approving by FDA.


HIVOX is dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies that
enhance people's quality of life and health. We're constantly looking for talents to join our highly creative team and exciting work environment. Join our R&D team if you can think creatively and innovatively! Here are the current open positions:

  • Electronic Engineer
  • Information Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Medical Engineer

We offer challenging experiences and unlimited opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement. At HIVOX, we do everything we can to help you bring your career to the next level!
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